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Program Element Appendix (PEA) Letter R of the Third Stand Alone Missions
of Opportunity Notice (SALMON-3) Released

This summary email announces that NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD) is releasing a Program Element Appendix (PEA) Letter R to the Third Stand Alone Missions of Opportunity Notice (SALMON-3) Announcement of Opportunity (AO). The PEA is entitled "Earth Venture Instrument-6 (EVI-6)" and the solicitation number is NNH17ZDA004O-EVI6.

Proposers must adhere to the requirements and constraints of the PEA and the SALMON-3 AO. The full PEA text can be found on the NASA Solicitation and Proposal Integrated Review and Evaluation System (NSPIRES) at short URL:, or by searching Solicitations using "Earth Venture Instrument-6" or "NNH17ZDA004O-EVI6" at NSPIRES is the official source for this PEA and for other information in the event of a lapse in NASA operations.

Release Date: April 19, 2022
Mandatory Notices of Intent to Propose Due: June 2, 2022
Proposals Due: September 1, 2022

This PEA solicits investigations requiring development and operations of Class D space based Instrument(s) or Class D SmallSat(s) (which includes CubeSats). The Cost Cap on the PI-Managed Mission Cost (PIMMC) for an EVI-6 investigation is $37M in Fiscal Year 2024 dollars with a possibility of an additional request of up to $5.3M for an optional Science Enhancement Option (SEO). NASA expects to select one or more investigations based on funding availability at the time of selection. NASA is committed to principles of open science for EVI-6, including the full, free, and open sharing of data, algorithms, software, and documentation from project initiation.

Within four years of project initiation, each selected EVI-6 investigation is required to deliver either (1) one or more instruments to be integrated onto a NASA determined platform or (2) one or more SmallSats (including CubeSats) that can be integrated onto a NASA-determined launch vehicle. NASA is responsible for identifying feasible platforms and/or launch vehicles. CubeSats may have a maximum form factor of 12U.

A description of the major differences between the EVI-5 and the current EVI-6 solicitations is available for download from the (System for Award Management) under notice ID NNH22ZDA005J PDF file name "NNH22ZDA005JSynopsis" at

The major changes between the draft and final EVI-6 PEA include clarifications that: (1) All types of SmallSats (including CubeSats) can be proposed; (2) NASA expects to launch any selected SmallSat investigation through the Venture-Class Acquisition of Dedicated and Rideshare (VADR) Launch Services or on other NASA-selected launch services as a rideshare; (3) Proposers may assume that the International Space Station will be operational through 2030; (4) Investigators both participate in and support the Earth System Science Pathfinder Project Office (ESSP-PO) with life cycle and Key Decision Point (KDP) reviews; (5) The Open-Source Science (OSS) Policy applies only to science data products and not to spacecraft operations, to engineering data, nor to information designated as International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or Export Administration Regulations (EAR); (6) The Student Collaboration is optional.

A Pre-Proposal Web Conference will be held via teleconference/WebEx. The forthcoming date, agenda, and logistical information for this session maybe found by visiting the EVI-6 Acquisition Homepage at Earth Venture Instrument-6 (EVI-6) Acquisition Home Page (

The period for questions/comments will close two weeks before the proposal due date, and the period for responses will close ten days before the proposal due date. Questions and other comments on the EVI-6 PEA may be addressed to Dr. Hank Margolis, EVI-6 Program Scientist, at with the subject line "EVI-6 PEA.” Questions and Answers will be posted on the EVI-6 Q&As section of the EVI-6 Acquisition Homepage. Anonymity of the authors of all questions will be preserved.